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We can design an API to expose the right pieces of your existing applications securely, and efficiently.

Application programming interfaces (APIs), which were once just a tool for developers, have now become the foundation for many business models. We provide Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to facilitate integration with your backend systems so that your organization
can achieve fluid interconnectivity across platforms.

From dashboards that centralize data from multiple sources to leveraging third-party applications, we provide you a wide range of API integration services. Our extensive experience with APIs across domains helps ensure the design and delivery of the most appropriate
solutions that support your business needs. To find out how we can help your business leverage third party APIs, discuss your requirements with us today.

Services Included

Payment API
Authentication API
Shipping API
Social Networking API
Phone Verification API

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More Services

  • Payment API

    A Payment Gateway Integration is a process that allows payments for online business, online retailers, online transactions and credit card transactions for the customers after placing an order.

    Payments API is designed according to the REST principles to meet custom resources requirements. With a highly secure and reliable payment gateway, we deliver outstanding and fully PCI compliant Payment API integration services for a smooth transaction to diverse industries globally.

  • Authentication API

    Authentication API embeds the functionality of identifying who you are and authorization determines what you can do. It is integrated into custom applications, enabling flexible workflow configurations and user interfaces.

    At Thememaker, we have an extensively integrated several Authentication APIs which enables Multi-Factor Authentication mechanisms, so that customers can securely access the application through unique logins and interfaces without leaving the application.

  • Shipping API

    We specializes in Shipping API integration with major Shipping service providers including FedEx API Integration, UPS™ API Integration, Canada Post shipping integration and more.

    By offering flexible and rich Shipping API integration services, we unify strong Web-based shipping potential to your enterprise applications

  • Social Networking API

    Social platform creates a community around your app, not only increasing the sales or downloads but also leveraging the most powerful networking features through a single interface.

    Social Network API Integration provides you the features that enable posting to Social Media without making the user leave your App.

  • Phone Verification API

    To reduce the growing trend of online fraudulent activities, phone verification plays an important role.

    With Phone Verification API integration solution you can verify users while reducing friction in the signup process, maintain control of phone verification requests, status updates, and notifications.